On board

Gilberto Gil

Through the organization of the tremendous amount of information on Gilberto Gil it was possible to design a logistics of strategic and objective communication for his digital channels, reaching all his fans in an assertive way.


Claudia Leitte

Claudia Leitte has just boarded Jangada with all her talent and charisma and we are ready to sail away following her frenetic rhythm. Macro-planning, target and action plans, updating of her social networks, support with DSPs, Customer Service, result analysis, and many other content deliveries to reach goals and communicate with her legion of fans.


Maria Bethânia

Somos orgulhosamente a primeira agência digital de Maria Bethânia! A convite da gravadora Biscoito Fino fizemos um estudo de “Noturno”, novo álbum da artista, planejamos estratégias e parcerias com os principais players digitais e ativamos o Instagram desta que é dos maiores nomes da nossa música.

Adriana Calcanhotto

“A Mulher do Pau Brasil”, a project by the singer/songwriter Adriana Calcanhotto, entered Jangada agency and since then became the crush of the whole crew. Having as a goal bringing awareness to the ¨concert thesis¨ in the digital environment and conversion into sales, Jangada has been using its stragegic view to achieve the target in all platforms.



Zélia Duncan

Zélia Duncan subiu a bordo no ano em que completa 40 anos de carreira para comunicar seu lindo álbum “Pelespírito”, repleto de músicas atuais e inéditas! O projeto envolveu planejamento estratégico e coordenação de conteúdo criativo e adequado para a linguagem autêntica da artista. “Obrigada por mais essa”, Zélia!


Ney Matogrosso

Para comemorar os 80 anos do ícone da nossa música, fomos convidados pela Sony Music para criar a comunicação dos lançamentos de 2021 de Ney Matogrosso. Com uma página no instagram desenvolvida especialmente para o projeto, geramos uma identidade visual própria regada de conteúdos ricos sobre a carreira do artista.


A distinct project with purposes to inform, serve and inspire those who create music and to promote the brand UBC (Brazilian Union of Composers). With a contemporary concept, specific strategies, and good service, it was possible to build a solid and transparent image of the company.


Sony ATV

Jangada had to get more gigabytes to receive as ¨passenger¨ the biggest musical publishing company since 2016 – Sony/ATV. Jangada was faced with the challenge to inform, promote and entertain their target audience and on top of that they created a new visual identity for the networks and inaugurated other channels from scratch. Very happy and very proud to belong to the Sony/ATV family.

  • Content Marketing

    It's not enough to be beautiful; one must have consistence. This sentence makes more and more sense. With planning and creative strategies, we seek to establish the ranking of the brand. Inform, innovate, and communicate to the clients in an assertive way through contents that generate positive impacts for the brand. In JANGADA we design all the spheres of contents that must be developed, and we execute the creation with innovation and efficiency. Creativity and assertiveness are the MUST for those who want to navigate in our team. So, let´s travel?
  • Strategic Development

    A good navigator, before going out to sea, traces his route wisely. Here at Jangada it couldn't be different. The first steps after closing a partnership are: study and strategic planning. We immerse ourselves in the customer's universe, develop a macro action plan which consists of building a brand persona, setting goals and designing our trajectory towards the achievement of our objectives. Get on board and let's go sailing!
  • Analyses and Metrics

    We live in the era of dialog and respect for the consumer. Today, the brand that doesn´t see the message that the figures show, loses the opportunity to optimize its performance in the online environment or even to choose a new path based on the info given. In JANGADA we draw, from the beginning, the indicators of the performance that will be monitored throughout the job and, on a monthly basis we evaluate its growth. Who said that professionals from the Human Science Area don´t work with calculation?
  • Behavior Consulting

    Times of crisis and multitasking employees. Thinking about that, JANGADA started to offer behavior consulting. A training divided into modules according to the necessity of the clients so that they understand a bit of everything. A good way to start your business in the digital environment and in a short period of time achieve a ROI that justifies the investment in an agency that is here doing precisely what they love: outcome marketing. Let´s talk more about all that. Please, send us an email to queronavegar@jangada.ag
  • Online Advertising

    Who said that advertising your company or product in a media would be expensive? Or even that it would not have the expected return? With Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Adwords and YouTube Truview it became possible to achieve a more qualified audience for a price that can be reduced at each new day of campaign. With a daily analysis of the results, JANGADA redeploys the money invested in the campaign whenever a similar campaign is performing better than the other. With a proven obtained return (provided it is done in a professional and efficient way), these tools have played a more important role in company strategy with overwhelming results. What about you, are you staying behind?
  • Lyric Video

    Our crew believe that all investments made by the client must be very well explored. That´s why we developed artistic lyric videos that aggregate more value to the music than just an animation of its lyrics. Let´s sail? Send an email to queronavegar@jangada.ag | See more videos from our portfolio at: http://bit.ly/Lyric_Jangs
  • Customer Service Center (CSC)

    What is your opinion on CSC, JANGADA? – We think that not listening to your consumer/audience means wasting a feedback that might help you a lot. Questions, complaints and compliments cannot be left behind by any brand. It is with the CSC that we have the opportunity to predict a crisis, to convert a complaint into satisfaction and transform a compliment into loyalty. Thank you very much for the tip! I want to sail with you! So get in touch through the email queronavegar@jangada.ag and let's sail together.
  • Audiovisual production

    One of the biggest challenges for those who work with social networks is to stop the scrolling thumb. Another challenge is to please all the dreaded algorithms of the platforms. A service that has become more and more important for facing these challenges is the production and edition of videos for mobiles. This is due to the fact that it has been proved that the video is one of the formats that best keeps the audience engaged and also is a darling of almost all the social channels that we deal with. That´s why, here in JANGADA we have a segment focused on briefing, production, editing and posting videos. Shall we look at facts? In 2019, the online video was responsible for 80% of all global internet traffic. Brazil is the 2nd biggest digital video market in the world. The consumption of online videos is already compared to that of the TV. Source: YouPix Masterclass, Facebook Summit 2017, Comscore and Cisco Study.
  • Influence Marketing

    How many times have you decided to buy a ticket, a product, or a service after getting some recommendations about it? One thing is the brand itself selling itself. Another thing is when someone who theoretically has nothing to gain with that promotion talks about it. As a big - trend of marketing 2.0, influence marketing is proving to be more and - more efficient each day. In JANGADA we chart the best message partners, we draw an activation schedule in which both sides gain, and we integrate the partners into our initial strategy. Oh, of course, we analyze the results and manage our partnerships.
  • SEO

    There are two ways to at top of a Google research: paying through Google AdWords or proving to Google itself that your site is a benchmark on the subject that is being searched. JANGADA uses the most important tools to get your site to the top. Come sail with us and together we will reach the highest waves of this infosea!
  • CRM

    One-to-one communication, the famous face to face, is a trend these days. Through the creation and maintenance of the customer's database, we build a relationship with your audience and use the data acquired intelligently in new campaigns. Want to know more? Just send an email to queronavegar@jangada.ag 😉